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Tell me again why we don’t need feminism.

this is so fucking gross

but is this bra available for purchase tho

makes me sick

Let’s buy this guy’s bras and make him rich as fuck so he can give all those assholes the finger.

Let’s make that wonderful man the next Bill Gates


dean, sam and castiel team up to help free a man wrongly accused of murder by a cannibal

team free will


the fuck outta here


the fuck outta here

do you ever lay in the dark and think about what a shitty person you are or is that just me


Some more of my gender bend, this time, of Pocahontas and Cruella from 101 dalmatians  and I did some progress shots^_^ Please reblog from me if you want to share ! thank you ! I’m really getting tired of people posting my stuff without credit >__<….

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See the progress shot of the 101 dalmatian here


i wanna wear cute outfits with tons of lace and pretty things but i also wanna be really hardcore and wear a ton of black but mostly i just wear the same pants every day


i just hope that i never stop falling in love with shows and characters and celebrities and stories because i can’t imagine living life without having these things to be passionate about


when someones sick and coughs in class